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Tilly Billy
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3d animation & movies, 4 instead of "for", alpha males, america-haters, anime, anti-globalists, anti-semites, bitches, castaneda, cheap showing up, child-free, coelho, comedy club, comic sans ms, commies, cronyism, ctrl+c ctrl+v blog posts, drugs, drum & bass, envy, esoterics, false brains, false nails, fashion, february 23, female hysteria, flying insects, french language, fried potatoes, frivolity, glamorous gals, gwen stefani, hippies, i-am-proud-to-be-a-feminist-bitch-woman, illiteracy, imagetronic portraiture filter, japanophiles, jingoism, lady gaga, lisping, low waist jeans, march 8, mayonnaise, megaphone, microsoft, mother nature, mummified grapes, murakami, night clubs, odnoklassniki.ru, opera, orthodoxy, pacifists, pickupers, pussies, rhinestones, russian patriots, rutin, rutube, soul rape, spoiled kids, stupid questions, subcultures, sushi, the "ё" letter, these-fucking-slideshowы-on-youtube, ukrainian language, unconstructive criticism, unified state exam, ussr, valentine's day, vegans, warm milk, windows vista, winter, women drivers